Keynote Speakers

Surendra Shah, Future Research Needs in Self-consolidating Concrete

K. H. Khayat,  Overview of recent developments in evaluating pumping behavior of Flowable and Self-Consolidating Concrete

G. De Schutter,  Degree of hydration based creep modelling of concrete with blended binders: from concept to real applications

C.L. Hwang,  Application of self condolidating concrete as mass concrete in weiwuying arts and culture center, Taiwan

Qijun YU,  Application of SCC in Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant

Kejin Wang,  Semi-Flowable Self-Consolidating Concrete – An Overview

Robert Flatt,  Yield stress and superplasticizers

Bhushan L Karihaloo,  3D modelling of flow of self-compacting concrete with or without steel fibers

Nicolas Roussel, Numerical Simulations of Concrete Flow: The Rilem State of the Art Report

Jiaping Liu, Effect of a High molecular Weight Biological Polmer Admixture on the Rheology of Self-consolidating Concrete

Feng Jin, Rock Filled SCC

Caijun Shi,  A Review on Mixture Design Methods for SCC


Invited Speakers

Moncef Nehdi,  Confusing Movement with Action: Are We Making Real Progress in SCC Technology?

Liberato Ferrara,  Citius, altius, fortius: pushing ahead the boundaries of structural concrete fiber reinforced cementitious composites with adapted rheology

Rafat Siddique,  Design and Development of Self-Compacting Concrete made with Coal Bottom Ash

Mohammed Sonebi,  Flexural response of prestressed vaulted slabs cast with self-compactiing concrete

Harald Justness,  Concrete admixtures - interactions with cement, supplementary cementing materials and fillers

Johan Plank,  New Insights into Physicochemical Interactions Occurring Between Cement and Admixtures in Self-Compacting Concrete

Peiyu Yan, Influence of hydration temperature on the hydration of cement-slag composite binder

Hakim S. Abdelgader,  Double Coating Method for Concrete Mix Design



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